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Middle Years Programme curriculum
Areas of interaction

Human ingenuity

  • Why and how do we create?
  • What are the consequences?

This area of interaction allows students to explore in multiple ways the processes and products of human creativity, and to consider their impact on society and the mind.

Human ingenuity allow students to focus on the evolution, process and products of human creativity and their impact on life and society. Human ingenuity provides opportunities for students to appreciate and develop in themselves the human capacity to create, transform, enjoy and improve the quality of life.

In particular, human ingenuity:

  • stresses the way humans can initiate change, whether for good or bad, and examines the consequences
  • emphasizes both the importance of researching the developments made by people across space, time and cultures, and the importance of taking time to reflect on these developments.

In this way, human ingenuity goes beyond the act of creation alone, leading students to examine, experience and reflect on the creative process.


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