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Middle Years Programme curriculum
Areas of interaction


  • Where do we live?
  • What resources do we have or need?
  • What are my responsibilities?

This area of interaction aims to develop students' awareness of their interdependence with the environment so that they understand and accept their responsibilities. It deals with:

  • the importance of the local and global environment
  • the concepts of sustainable development in a context of increasing environmental threats
  • related problems of a socio-economic nature.

The study of environments assists students in:

  • understanding the links between economic, political and social issues, and how these affect the environment
  • developing positive and responsible attitudes towards their environments
  • gaining the skills and commitment to contribute to their environments.

Through coursework and activities, teachers can help students to gain an understanding of related concepts and issues at the personal, local and global levels by guiding their investigations through the perspectives of:

  • awareness
  • responsibility
  • action
  • reflection.

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