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Middle Years Programme
School authorization

Schools wishing to offer the Middle Years Programme (MYP) must be authorized by the IB. The process is the same for all schools, even though it is administered slightly differently in each IB region.

This programme is designed to be taught over five years. However, its flexibility allows for other options (two, three and four years) if the school structure requires this. Schools should consult their regional office regarding these options.

To become eligible for authorization, schools must fill in an Interested schools form and successfully complete a number of stages. These include the three key stages described below.

1. Feasibility study and identification of resources

To complete this stage, which leads to the filing of MYP application form part A with the regional office, a school should acquaint itself thoroughly with the programme by:

  • Obtaining the MYP publications by purchasing them from the IB store. A selection of these documents are available for download from the curriculum web pages.
  • examining the programme's philosophy and curriculum to determine whether these meet the needs of its students
  • conducting a feasibility study on the possible consequences of implementing the programme
  • arranging for teaching and administrative staff to undertake IB-approved professional development.

2. Trial implementation period: Candidate status

Following acceptance of MYP application form part A, the school is designated an IB candidate school. The school teaches the programme for at least one year on a trial basis.

During this period, which leads to the filing of MYP application form part B with the regional office, a pre-authorization/consultation visit will be organized by the regional office to support and assist the school.

3. Authorization visit by an IB visiting team

Provided previous stages have been completed successfully, the regional office arranges for the school to be visited by an IB team. The purpose of this visit is to:

  • consult those who will be involved in the implementation of the programme
  • evaluate the school's preparedness to implement the programme
  • complete a report on the school's commitment and ability to deliver the programme.

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IB World Schools

The IB director general makes the final decision in granting or denying authorization. Authorized schools acquire the status of IB World School.

Following authorization, schools receive regular evaluation visits from IB teams to ensure that the educational standards of the programme are being maintained and developed.

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To take the next steps in becoming authorized to offer the IB Middle Years Programme, please read the relevant documentation.