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Strategic plan

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) adopted its current strategic plan in November 2010 after an important and substantial process of consultation and debate within the organization.

Over the next five years, our vision is clear – to more consciously establish the IB as a leader in international education as we continue to work toward our mission. To achieve this, the Board has outlined a vision and four strategic goals with key strategic objective.

Goal 1: Strengthen our leadership in international education

Why is this important?

Schools join the IB community not only because of the IB mission, but also because of our reputation as a leader in international education. We develop high quality programmes of international education utilizing the best research, and we establish and preserve our world class educational standards.

Goal 2: Evolve & improve our services and support to schools

Why is this important?

We strive to achieve a balance between effective programme implementation and meeting the needs of individual schools and school systems. Services and support need to be improved, updated and enhanced in some areas, and quality assurance to standards must be upheld.

Goal 3: Develop a more diverse,inclusive IB community by enabling access to an IB education regardless of personal circumstances

Why is this important?

By working with communities, countries and regions where there is a clear and credible commitment to educational change, the IB can achieve a more socioeconomically, geographically, culturally and linguistically varied community. As a truly international organization, it will provide a range of perspectives and culturally diverse input into the development of its programmes. Access is fundamental to achieving our mission. We aim to break down barriers and create and environment such that more students are able to access and benefit from an IB education regardless of personal circumstances.

Goal 4: Build a sustainable,responsible and efficient organization for the future

Why is this important?

We need to ensure that our internal organization is able to support the growing, diverse community which it serves.

Download the IB strategic plan [879 kb, PDF]

Taking Ownership

Key performance indicators will allow us to actively monitor the progress of each of the strategic objectives as they are realized and measure the impact we are having in the IB community. The IB Board of Governors will continue to take an active and leading role in ensuring the IB is achieving its strategic goals and most importantly, we will continue to listen to the needs of our stakeholders as we move into this new and exciting phase of development for the IB and for the communities that we strive to serve.



"Through the IB learner profile and
activities like CAS, I have developed as a
person. The rigorous approach and tasks
such as internal assessments and the
extended essay provide excellent prep
for university-level study."

Callum Deakin, University of Adelaide, Australia

"We very much value the learning that IB
students have had through their Diploma
Programme. They do not just have
understanding of their subject areas, but,
much more importantly, typically show
levels of communications, thinking skills
and all-around knowledge that equip them
very well for tertiary education and beyond."

Professor John A. Spinks, Senior Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong