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IB Americas College & University Task Force: CURT

CURT Statement
CURT Taskforce

Many North American universities have developed recognition policies that reflect their understanding of the depth and breadth of the IB curriculum and their strong desire to aggressively attract IB Diploma candidates to their campus. Policy summary charts are available representing key post-secondary institutions in Canada, and in 37 US states.

CURT endorses an Some College Admissions Assumptions statement that demonstrates how the IB Diploma Programme can be viewed as quality preparation for admission to highly selective colleges and universities. Originally published in the AACRAO Journal (Vol.79 No.2), the article outlines qualities admission officers can assume about an IB Diploma student.

Because over 85% of the schools in North America teaching the rigorous IB Diploma curriculum are public, legislation in several states and provinces acknowledges curricular strength and standards alignment that may offer incentives encouraging the IB program development, such as:

  • renewable scholarships at in-state, public postsecondary institutions
  • teacher training/professional development
  • granting of one year credit for having earned the IB Diploma

A wide range of educational policy also supports this growth.

The American Competitive Initiative (ACG) and Smart Grant programs include the IB Diploma program as meeting the requirement for rigorous curriculum, particularly in the target areas of mathematics, science and languages.

There is evidence of the diploma curriculum as preparation for student success at the post-secondary level. For example, the University of Florida reported that 500 IB students completed their freshman year with a 3.38 GPA while the University average for all freshmen (including IB students) was a 2.90 GPA.

CURT Statement

To identify IB students and courses on transcripts, which will benefit them during the admissions process

Members of CURT frequently express frustration that schools do not identify IB students and courses on their transcripts. As a result, the Task Force has prepared the following statement for High School guidance and/or college counselors:

Universities consider the IB Diploma to be one of the most demanding secondary school curricula, offering ideal preparation for post-secondary studies. A student’s participation in IB courses is, therefore, a very important consideration in admission decisions. It is to a student’s distinct advantage to have completed IB courses, but especially so if the student is completing the IB Diploma. If the student is to benefit during the admission process, it is essential for universities to have the applicant’s status as either an IB Diploma or Certificate student identified on the high school transcript.

CURT Taskforce

Mary Lou W. Bates                                                                                           
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Skidmore College

Michael Bluhm      
Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions
The University of British Columbia

James Bock                                                                                
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
Swarthmore College

Greg C. Ferguson                                                                                                     
Representative for Atlantic Canada
Saint Mary’s University

Kedra Ishop (CURT Chair)                                                                                                        
Vice Provost and Director of Admissions
University of Texas at Austin

France Myette                                                                                                                                 
Université de Sherbrooke

Anthony Perry                                                                                                    
Office of the Board for Undergraduate Studies
University of the West Indies

Robert Seltzer
Special Assistant for Enrollment Management
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Brian Spittle
Assistant Vice President for Access and Attainment
DePaul University

Panetha Theodosia Nychis Ott (ex-officio, Chair, CIS Higher Education Committee)
Associate Director of Admission/Director of International Admission
Brown University