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At its heart, the IB is a student-centered non-profit working to develop intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills for students that live, learn and work in a rapidly changing world.

Parents of past, current and potential

"There is now an expectation that they will achieve.  We're a normal neighbourhood school, but we've tripled the number of students in the IB programme.  We're proof it isn't elitist-and the parents can't say enough good things about IB."

- Dr. Mel Riddle, principal of JEB Stuart High School, Fairfax County, Virginia USA

IB students have a vested interest in the quality of the IB and the benefits an IB

education can provide their children.

Parents of IB Diploma Programme (DP)

students are keenly aware of the rigour

of the IB, as the intensity of the

programme draws the cohort together, creating a strong bond between those students and the IB.  In much the same way, parents and siblings of IB Diploma students live that experience vicariously

as the students work toward their IB diplomas.

IB World Schools provide parents with detailed information about the schools, teachers and support services available to students.  We encourage parents to contact the IB coordinator in their child's school in order to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.  You can find contact details for all IB World Schools by using the "Find an IB World School" option on the left-hand side of every page.

Parents are invited to join the IB parent community by signing up on the Supporters page by simply providing their information and checking the "IB Parent" box. Members of the IB parent community can choose to receive information about the IB in their region, the university recognition efforts of the IB and what other parents are doing to help their students.

What is so special about IB programmes?

  • IB programmes are recognized around the world and ensure an increased adaptability and mobility for IB students.
  • The curriculum and pedagogy of IB programmes focus on international perspectives of learning and teaching, while insisting that students fully explore their home culture and language.
  • IB World Schools must undergo an exhaustive authorization process in order to offer one or more of the programmes, which includes a study of the school’s resources and commitment to the IB mission and philosophy.
  • IB teachers participate in a wide variety of professional development opportunities to constantly update their knowledge and share their expertise with colleagues around the world.
  • Many students graduating from the Diploma Programme find that it enhances their opportunities at tertiary institutions. The IB works closely with universities around the world to gain recognition for IB programmes.
  • The core components of IB programmes encourage students to participate in creative and service-oriented activities, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of reflection on a personal and academic level.

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About summer courses and supplementary tutoring

If you are a parent or legal guardian who is thinking of supplementary tutoring for an IB student outside the IB World School that they already attend, you may find useful information on the page for providers of summer courses.

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