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How the IB views summer courses and external tutors

Students study International Baccalaureate® (IB) courses in IB World Schools, that is, schools worldwide that the IB has authorized to offer one or more of its academic programmes. The IB considers that what these schools do to prepare their students should be sufficient for their educational needs.

Therefore the IB does not authorize courses that are intended to supplement the teaching in an IB World School, it undertakes no quality control and does not endorse them in any way.

Advice for external tutors and providers of summer courses

If you want to provide a preparatory or revision course for IB students who are already studying in an IB World School, you must take care when naming your course to avoid implying that it is officially recognized. Do not use terms such as "Pre-IB Diploma" and "Mid-IB Diploma" and take care to avoid using IB trademarks (see below "Using IB trademarks").

Advertising your courses

When you advertise courses that are intended for IB students please state clearly that the course and any supporting material have been developed independently and are not endorsed by the IB Organization.

Quoting IB material

If you want to reproduce IB material in your course materials, you will need to obtain permission first. See the intellectual property and copyright policy and submit a copyright licence for publishers.

Using IB trademarks

There are certain safeguards that the IB needs to protect its name and logo.

"International Baccalaureate®", "IB World School" and various IB logos that include the initials "IB" are internationally registered trademarks of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Do not use these names or any of the IB's logos on any of your products or materials, including courses and course materials that are intended for IB students as described above.

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