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Guidance for Third Party Publishers and Providers

The IB grants authorized schools a license to reproduce IB materials within certain restrictions.  IB Schools should refer to the Rules and Policy for use of IB Intellectual Property for guidance on what is and is not allowed and can contact if their question is not covered in the Rules and Policy.

If you wish to use IB materials in any other capacity then you are considered a third party and will need to obtain a license from the IB. 

Please be aware that you also need to obtain a license if you wish to make a commercial use of any IB materials purchased from the IB store (eg if you wish to use IB Examination Papers as part of a for fee tutoring service).

These guidelines provide advice on how to apply for such a license.  Please be aware that a charge will usually be made for any license issued.

The IB’s General Principles

The IB is not under any obligations to grant licenses allowing others to use its material.  If the IB does not agree with the way in which the material is to be used, or does not wish to be associated with the third party requesting material then a license request will be rejected.

The IB restricts the manner in which IB material may be used, the quantity of IB material to be included in a work and what material may be licensed.  License requests which fall outside of these parameters will also be rejected.

The IB will not issues licenses where:

  • The IB material will be used on a publically available/accessible website (as opposed to a secure/restricted access site)
  • The licensed IB material will compose more than 25% of the final work

The IB will only occasionally issue licenses where:

  • The IB material will be used in a work which is distributed free of
  • The licensed IB material would be translated into a language other than English, French or Spanish. If you wish to use material in this manner please send in an application and the IB will discuss the specifics with you.
  • Where material from commercial IB materials (as opposed to fee covered documents) is to be used.

All licenses granted with the following conditions:

  • That a disclaimer is prominently placed on the final work stating that “This work has been developed independently from and is not endorsed by the International Baccalaureate (IB)”. 
  • That a copy of the final publication is sent to the IB at: The Legal Department, International Baccalaureate, Route des Morillons 15, CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland

Non Payment of a license fee within 60 days of the issue of the license renders the license invalid.  Use of material without a valid license is infringement and the IB will take legal action.

Excluded Materials

Please be aware that the IB is not able to grant licenses to use any student material.  Students retain the copyright in all their work and permission must be sort from the students directly if you wish to use their material.  In addition the IB is unable to give out student data or contact details.

The IB is also not able to grant licenses to use any third party material found on our website or in our publications. 

The IB will also not grant licenses to use its name, trademarks or logos except in cases where the IB is actively involved in the development of a work.

Academic Use

If you wish to use IB material within an academic paper (eg a dissertation) you must apply for a license to do so.  However provided that your paper will only be published and circulated within or by your awarding institution as part of your studies, in principle no charge will be made for the license. We do however ask that you provide the IB with a copy (either electronic or physical) of your final work.

Should you at a later date wish to commercially publish your paper you will need to apply for an additional commercial license for which a charge will apply.

How to Apply for a License

To apply for a license please complete the Inquiry Form [PDF 43 KB - opens in new window] and submit it to

Please include as much information as possible about the work you wish to produce and the way in which the IB material will be used.

As far as possible, please follow the guidelines in the section below when identifying what IB material you wish to use.

Upon receipt of your form the IB will consider your request.  The IB will then respond to you either requesting further information, rejecting the request or communicating the quotation of the potential license.

Please be aware that licenses for print materials will be issued for the life of the edition licensed (and will need to be renewed for subsequent editions), but licenses for online use are valid for up to a year only, with renewal fees due each year if use is to continue.

Types of Material that can be licensed

Examination Materials

There are additional restrictions on the licensing of examination materials.  The IB will not grant licenses for the following:

  • Examination materials from the two examination sessions prior to the current session.
  • More than 50% of the questions found in any one examination paper.
  • Resource Booklets
  • The Examination timetable

Licenses for examination materials are granted on a per questions basis.  What the IB considers to be one examination questions depends upon the way the paper is broken down.  Where the questions are broken down solely by number (ie 1, 2, 3 etc) each number represents one question.  Where questions are subdivided (eg 1a, 1b,) one question is considered to be one number and letter grouping (eg1a).  Where questions are further subdivided (eg 1ai, 1aii) the IB still considered one question to be one number and letter grouping (eg all the subparts of questions 1a would be considered 1 questions). 

Please see What is considered one examination question [PDF 45 KB - opens in new window] for examples of this in practice.

A license for an examination question also grants you permission to use the answer as it appears in the markscheme and any IB generated diagrams which accompany the question.  Please note that the IB cannot issue a license for any third party material which also accompanies a question.  The usual cost per question can be found on the price list

When requesting permission to use an exam question please provide us with the subject, level, paper, year, session, timezone (where applicable) and questions number for each question you wish to use (Eg May 2006 Maths HL paper 2 TZ1 q3a).

N.B. Case studies are treated as other text and charged on a per word basis.

Core/Premium Materials

The IB has identified certain materials which it feels are essential to its philosophy and to the implementation and offering of its programmes.  The reproduction of these items is charged on a set fee basis.  The materials which the IB considers to be ‘core’, and the example costs of reproducing them, can be found on the price list.

Some of these items, such as the an IB programme model are self explanatory and straight forward to identify and you say can just state them on the inquiry form when requesting permission (along with what programme and language you require).  However for other options, such as Assessment Criteria, there are many sections of text which fall under this description.  In such cases please identify the document and page number where the text you wish to reproduce is originally found and any further information required to positively identify the exact text you wish to use.


The IB licenses two types of forms.  The first type are forms which are central to the implementation and operation of its programmes such as the PYP Planner Form and the MYP Unit Plan Template From.  The second type are the procedural forms found in the Handbook of Procedures such as the Internal Assessment forms. 

Academic forms can be licensed for both print and secure online use, however, as procedural forms may change year up year the can only be licensed for secure online use and print works which will be in circulation less than 1 year.

Other Text

All other text is granted at the IB’s discretion and charged at a flat rate of $0.25 per word.  If you wish to reproduce text not considered to be ‘core’ please provide us with the exact extracts you wish to use as well as all necessary information on the source of the material (ie original website or work ,page number etc).  If you have several extracts that you wish to reproduce please provide this information for each extract.

Additional Charges

In certain situations the following additional premiums will be applied to all prices given on the price list:

For secure (restricted) online use: An additional 10%

Where a CDRom of the work will accompany the print edition: An additional 10%


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