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Examiners and moderators are appointed by the IB to assess and moderate students' work. The roles are highly valued and an essential part of the examination session, ensuring that the quality of assessment for which the International Baccalaureate® (IB) is known worldwide is maintained.

Both examiners and moderators are recruited for the Diploma Programme, while the Middle Years Programme only recruits moderators, who review the original marking of teachers. Both roles provide the opportunity to gain an invaluable insight into the assessment process and enhance your professional development.

Diploma Programme examiners and moderators

The IB currently has over 10,500 examiners and moderators who together assess the work of over 100,000 Diploma Programme students. Within the Diploma Programme there are different examiner roles depending on the subject and component assessed.

  • Examiner/moderator
  • Senior examiner
  • Examiner responsible for a language
  • Assessor (Theory of knowledge)

More information on each of the roles and information on how to apply can be found via the link below.

DP examiner roles

Middle Years Programme moderators

MYP moderators check the standards applied by teachers to students' work that has been assessed against the published MYP criteria. The moderation of each sample involves writing a report in which any changes to achievement levels are explained and comments provided on the appropriateness of the assessment tasks. The usual allocation of work is eight schools, the sample from each normally containing four or eight student folders. Moderators are required in all subject groups and the personal project. The role is an essential part of any moderation session leading to the award of the MYP certificate.

More information can be found via the link below.

MYP moderators


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For further information on becoming a Diploma Programme examiner or moderator please use the link below.

Examining positions

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