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At the IB World School in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India students from all social backgrounds study together.

Students from IB World School in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaAs President of the IB Council of Foundation, Monique Seefried visits many IB World Schools. One that has made a particular impression on her is Mahatma Ghandi International School in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


In this private school, which has taught the Middle Years Programme since 2002 and began teaching the Diploma Programme in 2005, 200 children from all backgrounds and castes study together in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and co-operation. Thanks to the work of head Pascal Chazot, MYP coordinator Minoo Joshi and DP coordinator Ravinder Kaur, the local community is also deeply committed to the success of the project.

Students from IB World School in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaPascal says: “We have been overwhelmed by how keen and happy everyone is to learn here. Our first group of students is serious and committed, and it’s fantastic to see what they achieve on a day-to-day basis, in an atmosphere of complete empathy.”

“It’s a school where they automatically have 10% of their students on scholarships as part of their policy,” explains Monique. “The municipal authorities gave them the building, where expatriate students and those from upper and middle ranking socio-economic backgrounds learn alongside children who live in shacks where there’s no running water.”

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Monique Seefried

Monique Seefried

1950 Born Carthage, Tunisia
1969 Intern in the Presidential campaign of Georges Pompidou

1967-1978 Attended the Sorbonne, Paris. Gained a BA, MA and PhD in History

1970-1972 History and geography teacher, Paris

1982-1987 Adjunct Professor, Art History Department, Emory University, (Survey course on Islamic Art and Architecture);

1982-2002 Curator of Near Eastern Art, Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University,

2000-2004 Executive Director, Center for the Advancement
and Study of International Education (CASIE)