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IB World - May 2012

The Sydney Morning Herald doesn’t cross paths with the  IB very often. But in February, it issued a clarion call to Australia’s policy-makers to embed the  IB Diploma Programme in  the nation’s state schools.  

The editorial is part of a growing clamour for the Diploma Programme Down Under, and it follows similar high-level support from media figures, educational thinkers and governments worldwide during the IB’s short but illustrious history.

One of the main reasons the paper was so supportive of  the qualification was that “it opens gates to the world’s best universities”. Recognition by higher education institutions  of all kinds is one of the key drivers for students and parents to choose the Diploma Programme, after all.

In this issue, we look at the  work being put in to ensure  the programme’s qualities are appreciated among admissions staff and faculty as much as they are by IB teachers. And here’s the best news: the more graduates who make it through the gates, the more IB students universities seem to want.   

Robert Jeffery, editor

May 2012 articles

Serving a higher purpose

The IB Diploma Programme is recognized by more universities than ever before.   But schools have a vital role to play as it rises up the global educational agenda.

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Setting the standard

As knowledge of IB programmes increases, IB students – and their teachers – around the world are ensuring universities understand its value.  It seems they’re more than up to the task…

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10 Reasons why the IB Diploma Programme is ideal preparation for university

From academic rigour to a compassionate viewpoint, presenting an at-a-glance guide to why higher education institutions are so enamoured of Diploma Programme student.

PDF10 Reasons why the IB Diploma Programme is ideal preparation for university - [PDF 166 KB - opens in new window]


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