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IB World - January 2012

When we first started planning an issue devoted to students, we knew we wanted to hear from one extremely important group: the students themselves. And rather than feature just a handful of perspectives, we wanted to get some big answers to the big questions.

That was the guiding principle behind the IB World Student Survey. The rest was down to the IB community: and, as ever, they didn’t disappoint. More than 1,000 students from across the globe shared their views. Our gratitude goes to each and every one, and the teachers who took time from their busy schedules to encourage, cajole and oversee the process.

You can read the results on page 16. They reveal the rewards and challenges of being an IB student, as well as some surprising aspirations for the future. On page 10, we look at the importance of student-centredness, and how educational psychology is helping teachers shape ever-more effective curricula. Through it all, we’ve sprinkled a liberal dose of student viewpoints. After all, where would we be without them?

Robert Jeffery, editor

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The future in their hands

IB World Schools cover every walk of life, in every part of the globe. So what does it mean to be an IB learner in four very different circumstances? Let the students themselves explain…

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The man who came back

If Africa is to beat poverty, it needs a new generation of leaders. Patrick Awuah tells Katie Jacobs why he returned to his home country to build a better futuret…

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