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IB World - January 2011

It would be easy to postulate on an “IB way” of leading schools. But if our school leadership issue demonstrates anything, it’s the astonishing variety of challenges such leaders face. 

We looked for heads of school who were achieving genuine excellence, and were noted among their peers for the quality of their personal leadership (page 14). Our search took us to Staten Island, where Aurelia Curtis has created a school which makes a mockery of the low expectations placed on students from tough, urban areas.

Meanwhile, in India, two determined educators refuse
to accept that those living below the poverty line can’t enjoy
an international standard of learning. And then there’s Anthony Seldon, celebrated head of one of the UK’s most prestigious schools, who has
his own strident views on leadership. If they have anything in common beyond their passion for the IB mission, it’s a determination to place student outcomes at the heart of decision-making, and a relentless focus on incorporating the
latest educational thinking in the classroom. The rest is best said in their own words…


Robert Jeffery, editor

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