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IB World - January 2008

IB World January 2008The international character of the IB curriculum is central to the very nature of the organization, and the ethos which is shared in thousands of classrooms every day. International-mindedness is what sets the IB apart, but even more importantly it is a philosophy students will carry with them through the rest of their lives.

In this issue, we attempt to define international-mindedness and assess its importance, finding out the challenging views of respected educational sociologist Dr Carlos Alberto Torres on page 10, before looking at how IB World Schools are putting the theory into practice from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, and all points in between. International-mindedness is certainly more difficult to achieve when you’re in one of the most inhospitable places on earth, as our correspondents explain.

As ever, we’ve featured views from teachers, IB coordinators and students from every corner of the globe, but there’s always room for more, so drop  a line to and let us know what you think about any IB-related topic, or put yourself or your school forward for one of our features.

Emma Mercer, Editor

January 2008 Articles

Working for a better world

Education can help build a better global society – and every teacher has a vital role to play, Dr Carlos Alberto Torres tells Crispin Andrews

Working for a better world

Keeping the faith

As a university IB coordinator, Rick Arrington has helped more than 125 schools become better involved with IB.
He tells Sam Upton how he gets teachers, students and universities to work together

Keeping the faith

Spreading the global message

How should IB educators best embody the diverse values of international-mindedness?

Spreading the global message

Enlightenment through understanding

Teachers are on the frontline when it comes to fostering international-mindedness. Kath Stathers looks at global examples of effective practice, and finds out what the term means to those who must deliver it

Enlightenment through understanding


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September 2008

The IB and diversity

How does the IB embrace diversity and what more should it be doing? Is your school particularly diverse or do you have an interesting story of educational inclusivity? What are the barriers to truly diverse education? 

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