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Fees and services

For the two-year duration of the CP annual fees and student fees are applicable. For further information, please contact your regional office.

Authorization fees include:

  • application reading
  • ten hours of remote support from a consultant
  • two seats in online CP professional development
  • verification site visit


All of the above services are offered for the duration of the CP candidacy process, which in most cases takes up to one year.

Annual fees include:

  • curriculum development and research
  • regional and academic support
  • registration fee and subject fees for two DP courses per student
  • moderation of reflective project.

Additional DP courses may be taken at the current subject fee as listed in the assessment services.

IB Career-related Programme

Apply to offer the CP

All IB World Schools who are already offering the IB Diploma Programme can apply to offer the CP. Read more information about applying for the CP .

Exam schedules

External examinations for candidates for the IB diploma are given twice a year, in May and in November.

Examination schedules

Diploma Programme courses online

Students not currently attending an IB World School will now have the opportunity to take Diploma Programme courses online

Promotional publications

IB promotional publications are available, both to view online and to download. Visit the promotional publications page for more.

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