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Diploma Programme courses

IB Diploma Programme courses, at both standard and higher levels, are the academic cornerstone of the IBCC. IB World Schools offering the IBCC select a number of IB Diploma Programme courses that can be offered as part of the IBCC educational framework. Every IBCC student completes two or more Diploma Programme courses selected from any Diploma Programme subject area. It is possible to study up to four Diploma Programme courses depending on the nature of the student’s career-related studies and timetable.

Course selection is tailored to complement a student’s individual career-related study. A student completing an engineering programme, for example, may choose courses in physics and design technology; a student completing a nursing programme may choose biology and sports exercise and health science.

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IBCC brochure

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Apply to offer the IBCC

All IB World Schools who are already offering the IB Diploma Programme can apply to offer the IBCC. Read more information about applying for the IBCC.

Exam schedules

External examinations for candidates for the IB diploma are given twice a year, in May and in November.

Examination schedules

Diploma Programme courses online

Students not currently attending an IB World School will now have the opportunity to take Diploma Programme courses online

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IB promotional publications are available, both to view online and to download. Visit the promotional publications page for more.

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