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Registration, Fees, Payment, Policies


The IB online registration system (REGIS) is available:

 * when logged in IBIS (IB Information System):
 * following the links available on the conference/workshop pages:


Important: IBIS login credentials are required for all school coordinators whether Interested, Candidate or IB World schools. If you do not have an IBIS account, please contact the respective programme School Services Associate in the regional office.

Registration will have to be completed on a per participant basis.


For IB Asia Pacific Professional Development Fees and Conditions, please click here [more+]

Workshop eligibility

 * It is recommended that a maximum of 5 participants from the same school attend the same subject workshop
 * Teachers from IB World School and Candidate Schools can register for all workshops as per the Category Architecture in the IB Catalogue (click here)
 * Teachers not teaching in IB Schools or independents may register for all Category 1 workshops and most Category 3 workshops (see list here).To register online, please go to the Workshop page, click here[+]. Choose the workshop you would like to attend and click on the link. If there are workshops available for non-IB teachers or independents, there will be a “button” to click on for registration. If you have any queries, please contact


Confirmation of registration

The IB coordinator and individual participants will receive an automatic confirmation email upon successful submission of online registration. All completed registrations are PENDING until there is sufficient enrolment. Only then will registration become CONFIRMED .

Important: IB Asia Pacific reserves the right to cancel workshops that do not receive sufficient enrolment. If IB Asia Pacific cancels a workshop then a full refund in the form of a credit note will be made to the participant or school. Please do not finalise your travel and accommodation arrangements until you receive a confirmation that the workshop will run. You are also advised to take out travel insurance as a matter of course to cover unforeseen events such as force majeure.


Payment should be made within 2 weeks upon receipt of the automated confirmation email. An invoice can be downloaded from REGIS system by clicking on the billing tab.

Payment by Credit Card

This is the recommended and immediate mode of payment.

Payment can be done online through credit card via secpay. We accept the following credit cards MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit/Delta or Connect and JCB only.

Payment by Telegraphic Transfer

When paying please include the following information:

  • Name of the workshop
  • Invoice Number(s)
  • School Name
  • Participant name(s)

By including the above information, Accounts Receivable will be able to identify the payer and match to the relevant workshop invoices.

Please arrange for payment to be remitted to:

For USD payment, please transfer to:

Name: International Baccalaureate Organization
Account Number: 243 - 036225 - 178 (USD)
Bank Name: Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Address: 21 Collyer Quay, HSBC Bldg, #01-01 Singapore 049320
Swift Code: HSBCSGSG


For GBP payment, please transfer to:

Name: International Baccalaureate Organization
Account Number: GB45MIDL40161871609998
Bank Name: Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Address: 114 St Mary Street, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF 10 1LF
Swift Code: MIDLGB2110M

**Please inform your Finance Dept that all bank charges are to be borne by the Remitter and that IB must receive the workshop fee in FULL.

Payment by Bank Draft/Cheque

Bank drafts should be made payable to: “International Baccalaureate Organization” and mailed to the IB Asia Pacific Regional Office. Please include an extra USD25 to pay for bank charges.

Attn: Finance Dept, International Baccalaureate Organisation

Address: 600 North Bridge Road, #21-01 Parkview Square, Singapore 188778

In order for Finance to record and verify your payment, please quote the relevant references on the Bank Transfer Slip or on the back of the Bank Draft:

  • Name of the workshop
  • Invoice Number(s)
  • School Name
  • Participant name(s)


Payment by Credit Note

If a credit note is to be applied, please send an email to, quoting the credit note number and the REGIS invoice number within 2 weeks of receiving confirmation email.


Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation occurring 22 days or more prior to the first day of the workshop will incur a credit note for the full amount of the registration fee. Cancellations made 21 days or less prior to the first day of a workshops will incur a penalty of 100% of the registration fee.

In the unlikely event that IB must cancel a workshop, the total amount of the registration fee will be refunded or a credit note provided.

Important: The same policy above will apply in cases where a visa is refused.

Audiovisual Recording Policy

The audio and/or videotaping of IB professional development workshops is strictly prohibited. Anyone in breach of this policy may be asked to leave without refund of participation fees.

The International Baccalaureate sometimes requests a photographic, digital, video, or film record of its conferences, workshops and other events. Whenever it chooses to make such records it will only ever make use of them for its own legitimate business purposes. By registering for and attending an IB event, participants are deemed to accept that they may be included in such a recording.

In the event that the participant becomes aware of his/her image being used in a way with which he/she is uncomfortable, he/she should make representations to the event organizers who will be able to contact the relevant IB department.

Changes to Registration policy

A registered participant who is unable to attend should be cancelled from the REGIS system by their coordinator. The cancellation policy above applies.

If there is a replacement of participant or misspelled name/email address etc, coordinators should retrieve the registration form on REGIS directly and make the necessary change (click under the participant's name). This function is complimentary until 3 weeks prior to the event start date. This gives co-ordinators the option to register participants under ‘place-holder’ names – with the co-ordinator’s contact details, if there is planned staff turnover for example, and then confirm details later without penalty – provided this is prior to the 3 week deadline. Thereafter, an admin fee of USD80 will apply for each change of participant.

Minor changes to name spelling etc can also be done prior to the event by the co-ordinator, and can also be done onsite when registration details are confirmed in the workshop.

Registration can be transferred from one subject workshop to another by amending the registration form and selecting another workshop (‘activity’). This function can also be carried out by the co-ordinator and is free of charge up to 3 weeks prior to the workshop and is subject to there being places available. Thereafter, an admin fee of USD80 will apply for each change.

Kindly note that we will not accept registration requests onsite:  new registrations, requests to replace participants or application from participants to change subject workshops or categories. IB Asia Pacific will not be responsible for expenses incurred by a school should a participant arrive at an event under such circumstances and not be able to attend a workshop. Participants are advised to print out and bring their Confirmation Email (sent by IBIS/REGIS).

Replacement Policy

IB Asia Pacific regional office will apply the following replacement policy for workshops:

Replacement of participants should be done by coordinator via the online REGIS system up to 21 days prior to the event start date. There is no charge for this function.

Request for replacement of participants within 3 days prior to event start date should be sent to An admin fee of USD80 will apply for each change.

Certificate of Attendance Policy

Certificates of attendance for workshops will be issued only to participants who attend all scheduled sessions. No certificates of attendance will be issued for conferences.

Within a week after the event, coordinators will be notified by email that certificates of attendance can be downloaded from the REGIS system. Instructions of how to download will be given in the email. The certificates will be available for downloading for a three-week period only after the event.

Unfortunately, duplicate copies of certificates cannot be issued after the three-week period, and it is therefore recommended that participants save the document or make extra copies in case of loss of the original.

IB Behaviour Policy

IB reserves the right to refuse admission to the workshops if a participant’s behaviour jeopardises the safety or learning of other participants, workshop leaders and any IB representatives. No refund will be forthcoming  nor will the Certificate of Attendance be issued.

IB Safety Policy

Neither the IB nor its directors, officers or agents are responsible or liable for the safety and property of participants or their companions, nor for any financial losses incurred if events are cancelled due to reasons beyond the IB’s control. Travelling to and from an IB event shall take place under the participants’ sole responsibility.

Participants are advised to seek information on potential health and security risks incurred by themselves or their companions and to secure adequate insurance coverage, which includes reimbursement of any costs incurred should the event be cancelled.

Swiss law shall govern any legal issues relating to the enrolment and participation in IB workshops. Any disputes arising with respect to or in connection with the enrolment and participation in this event shall be finally settled by one arbitrator in accordance with the Rules of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Geneva.

Last updated June 2013


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