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The IB Diploma is accepted at and formally recognized by literally thousands of universities around the globe. Here prospective and current IB students, parents and schools, as well as universities and government stakeholders can learn more about the IB Diploma Programme (DP) and how it’s recognized.

What is the IB Diploma?

The IB diploma programme is a comprehensive and challenging pre-university course of study, leading to examinations, that demands the best from motivated students and teachers. It is widely recognized for its high academic standards.

  - The two-year curriculum is rigorous and intellectually coherent, encouraging critical thinking through the study of a wide range of subjects in the traditional academic disciplines while encouraging an international perspective.
  - Beyond completing college-level courses and examinations, Diploma Programme students are also required to engage in community service, individual research, and an inquiry into the nature of knowledge .
  - The two-year course of study leads to final examinations in six subject areas and a qualification widely recognized by the world's leading colleges and universities.
  - Since 1968, more than a million students in over 140 countries have participated in the Diploma Programme. In the Asia Pacific region, IB diploma holders are very interested in pursuing tertiary options both locally and abroad.


How is the IB diploma recognized by universities?

Many colleges and universities have developed admissions policies which formally recognize the achievements of Diploma Programme students. The individual policies vary greatly but they all make it apparent that these universities understand and appreciate the Diploma Programme student and the rigour of the Diploma Programme itself. This recognition comes in many forms but the most common are :

  - Recruitment : actively recruiting Diploma Programme students
  - Admission : ensuring that the IB diploma is fully recognized in the admissions process; addressing Diploma Programme students specifically in documentation and publications
  - Placement : acknowledging the rigour of IB courses and establishing prerequisites for IB courses that are fair and equitable in comparison with those for state, provincial and/or other examination courses; understanding and acknowledging the English language proficiency of international Diploma Programme students
  - Credit : providing detailed information on the courses for which credit is possible based on Diploma Programme examination scores; specifically understanding and recognizing theory of knowledge (TOK), the extended essay and the content of standard level (SL) courses as well as the content of higher level (HL) courses
  - Scholarships : providing scholarships or scholarship opportunities specifically for IB Diploma students


For more information on university recognition, please visit the Global Recognition[+] page.

Which universities recognize the IB diploma?

While not all colleges and universities which accept DP students have publised polices, the IB maintains records of those which do published them. To find more information on university policies in your country, click here[+]

Where can I find more resources?

Members of our recognition team regularly presents at conferences, symposiums, and in universities throughout the region; all with the purpose of ensuring the diploma is well understood and recognized as a valid pathway for tertiary entrance. Meet the regional team[+]

Please visit the IB recognition resources library[+] for a wealth of information and resources related to recognition of IB programme.

Please visit the IB Programme Impact Research[+] page for summaries and full reports of studies on the impact of IB programmes.



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