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The IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC)

The IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC): preparing students to follow their chosen pathways in life:
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The IBCC enables schools to widen participation to an IB education. Schools retain the ability to choose the career-related courses that are most suited to local conditions and the needs of their students. Schools gain the added flexibility in direct curriculum development as well as the IBCC core to create an educational pathway that puts a strong focus on individual student needs.

The IBCC enables students to:

ibcc Develop a broad range of career-related competencies and to deepen their understanding in general areas of knowledge
ibcc Prepare for effective participation in an ever-changing world of work
ibcc Foster the attributes of the learner profile allowing students to become true lifelong learners willing to consider new perspectives
ibcc Engage in learning that makes a positive difference to future lives
ibcc Become a self confident person ready for life in the 21st century


The IBCC may be an excellent option for you...


Does your educational body have numerous educational institutes?

ibcc Do these include technical and career based institutes?
ibcc Do you have an IBDP authorized school?
ibcc Do you run other schools which follow the state or national curricula?
ibcc Are these on the same campus or close to your other institutes?
ibcc Do your students express a desire to pursue professional education pathways such as accountancy, fashion design, hospitality, tourism and technical education?
ibcc Would you like to extend the access that the students from all your schools have to the IB and an international perspective in education?

Scenarios based on real life discussions with parents, students and schools:


Parent wants the student to be a chartered accountant, is aware of the conventional pathways, but is still enthused with the idea of an international perspective in education. If the educational body also has a commerce college, the IBCC can be a viable option.


Parents want students to be protected, and have confidence in the educational body, which may also run a charitable trust. They may not consider higher education options for their student, but she would really like to do fashion design, or tourism. They are willing to entrust their students’ further education to the organization because of the safe, secure environment provided so far. The IBCC would be an excellent way to retain the student as well as further the board’s philosophy of continuing education for children of specific groups.


The educational body runs state or national educational schools along with technical and career related institutes. It is interested in increasing access for these students to the IB, but their school has limited capacity and high fees. Also students coming in may find the full Diploma a challenge and not relevant to their future career needs. The IBCC would provide student access to the international perspective and a pathway to the educational body’s own career related institute.

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IBCC brochure

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All IB World Schools who are already offering the IB Diploma Programme can apply to offer the IBCC. Read more information about applying for the IBCC.

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