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An Overview: IB Asia Pacific Professional Development Objectives

OverviewIB Training Objectives:

IB Asia Pacific Professional Development services provide training covering a range of topics. We aim to

  • support the professional growth of teachers and administrators
  • transform classroom practice and student learning
  • cultivate enduring communities of learners

IB Training Principles: 

IB Asia Pacific Professional Development services are provided according to key principles:

  • Training for practitioners by practitioners: IB workshop leaders are experienced IB practitioners who understand the challenges of implementing and developing IB programmes in schools.
  • Understanding of contemporary adult education strategies: IB workshop leaders are trained in the use of adult-education methodology.
  • Modelling IB values:  IB training demonstrates IB values in practice, such as the IB mission statement, the IB learner profile, and educational best practice that is inquiry based, collaborative and differentiated.
  • Commitment to quality assurance: The quality of IB training content and delivery is carefully monitored and developed.


IB Training Expectations:

IB Asia Pacific professional development training activities are not simply lectures or seminars. While essential programme information is delivered within the course of the training, participants enjoy active, adult-learning experiences that feature group activities, discussion, problem-solving and sharing of best practice.    


IB Training Certificates: 
Please note that the IB is not a certifying board for teacher training. Participants who complete IB –approved workshops will receive a certificate of attendance which attests to participation in the workshops. This certificate is neither a teaching credential nor a qualification for teaching.

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Choosing the right workshop

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Diploma Programme
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Continuum Workshops
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