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IBAP workshops available to non-IB teachers

Looking for IB training opportunities*Teachers without an IB background/training will find the following workshops more relevant to their needs; however, it is recommended that teachers attending these workshops gain an understanding of the IB philosophy and programmes by reviewing elements of the IBO Mission, History and Learner Profile, the IB School Authorisation process and the general and programme brochures (i.e. What is an IB Education).

Workshops available for non-IB teachers in IB schools: (updated 16/9/14)

Primary Years Programme (PYP):
• An introduction to the IB programme standards for administrators new to the PYP, C1
• An introduction to the PYP curriculum model, C1
• All Category 3 workshops except for: The role of the coordinator

Middle Years Programme (MYP):
• All Category 1 workshops
• All Category 3 workshops except for: Subject Specific Seminars; Evaluating your • MYP, and the 2 new Common Core workshops.

Diploma Programme (DP):
• All Category 1 workshops
• Only these Category 3 workshops: Biology: Incorporating Fieldwork; Chemistry: The role of inquiry-based learning; Concepts and Inquiry in the DP; Developing a culture of thinking and assessment for understanding; Devised theatre; and Environmental systems and societies: Incorporating fieldwork

Continuum (CONT):
• Inquiry and the librarian across the three programmes
• Education for international mindedness
• Creating Inclusive Classrooms
• Music and inquiry
• Flipping Classrooms
• Governance: Introduction to the IB for school owners and board members
• Lead the way: How to develop and sustain IB programmes
• Leadership for school improvement



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Primary Years Programme
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Middle Years Programme
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Diploma Programme
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Continuum Workshops 
Continuum (DP/MYP/PYP)


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