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IB In-School Workshops : Beneficial for your Teaching Community


IB Asia Pacific offers schools a number of different Professional Development options from which to choose. In-School workshops are one of the options which are growing in popularity in the Asia Pacific region.

We will help you make the most of your In-School Workshop and Professional Development needs. These workshops are an important option with many benefits for schools. They are three-day Regional workshops which have been reduced to 2 days for the in-school context and it is important for the co-ordinator to discuss the objectives and proposed outcomes with the workshop leader prior to the workshop in order to ensure that the workshop addresses specific school issues.

1. Develop common understanding in your faculty by:

  • Bringing staff together
  • Supporting professional learning communities
  • Supporting collaborative learning and planning – everyone hears the same message
  • Providing opportunities for pedagogical leaders to identify areas of strength in the faculty in order to improve the implementation of the programme.
  • Enhancing the role of the co-ordinator as a pedagogical leader.
  • Strengthening the school community - through analysis/reflection on current school situation and development of a common action plan
  • Promoting Action research
  • Identifying common goals with clear, agreed action plans
  • Priming and focussing the professional development for the school.
  • Building champions and facilitating shared responsibility and leadership for the action plan.


2. Address school specific issues  

  • Helps drive strategic action plan
  • Focus on areas highlighted in the authorisation / evaluation process
  • Relevant to specific school context/environment
  • Focus on school specific student-learning needs
  • Supports differentiation
  • Broad selection of workshops available tailored to different stages of programme development and Programme Standards and Practices.
3. Cost-effective
  • Transferable PD with verifiable certificates
  • No need to fly teachers to other regions or pay accommodation costs
  • Can train a group of teachers simultaneously
  • Focussed on your schools needs
  • Can run more than one workshop at the same time to meet full PD needs to school.
4. Models IB classroom practice by:
  • Sharing understanding of particular aspects of the program.
  • Developing a community of learners, reflecting what is happening in the classroom.
  • Offering teachers an opportunity to practice and discuss a range of activities that can be applied to classroom practice
  • Adapting activities to schools’ resources and physical environment.
  • Reviewing and updated to be consistent with IB developments and publications
  • Modelling academic honesty through provision of copyrighted resources
  • Supporting a learning community in constructing their own understanding
  • Providing time to reflect and to plan action that is relevant to the school.
  • Considering international mindedness in unique school contexts
  • Respecting language richness in schools
5. Under the IB’s Quality Assurance Framework
Development of workshops
  • Internationally recognised and certificated workshops
  • Ongoing Research and Development are basis of workshops
  • Calls on latest thinking from university and IB experts.
  • Provision of copyrighted resources
IB Workshop Leader 
  • Selection, training and ongoing IB PD ensure quality peer to peer IB professional development
  • IB operates a full selection and training programme funded by the IB.
  • Educator training by educator


IB Quality Assurance :

  • QA supported by a team of international analysts and statisticians
  • Huge data bank of information from around the world
  • Feeds back to Professional Development departments as part of ongoing review

  • 6. Creative Solutions for Unique Requirements: Building on relationships between IB regional offices and schools

  • Small school policy - support for small school
  • Context related workshops - e.g. Girls schools, Faith Based schools, Environmental issues, Well-being, Global context.
  • Workshops over different timeframes including after school hours.
  • Can offer more than one workshop at the same time
  • Can offer any workshop in-school in catalog click here[+]



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