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IB programme coordinator : Organizing IB PD for your staff

Organizing IB PD for your staffProgramme coordinators play a vital role in IB schools. They are the regional office’s primary point of contact with IB schools on all IB-related matters, including registration for all IB-approved Professional Development (PD) activities. The following links below are meant to assist IB Coordinators.


- What are the IB PD expectations according to the IB Standards & Practices?

- PD Regional Workshops

- In-school workshops

- On-line workshops

- The On-Line Curriculum Centre (OCC)

- The IB Teacher Awards

- IB Regional Conferences

- Interested in training to become an IB workshop leader or an IB school visiting team member?

- Interested in hosting IB workshops?

What are the IB professional development expectations according to the IB Standards and Practices? back to top  
For an overview of the ways in which schools may fulfil IB programme standards and practices regarding professional development click here.

PD Regional Workshops back to top 
Global workshops are three-day workshops delivered by regional offices and recognized external providers “in cooperation with” the IB. These may be programme-specific workshops that focus upon programme implementation and development, or continuum workshops which investigate issues across the programmes. The Regional workshops page features:

In-school workshops back to top 

IB Asia Pacific  in-school workshops provide schools with the opportunity and convenience to train their entire IB programme staff on their own school premises and to focus upon select programme issues and strategies. The in-school workshops page features:

On-line workshops back to top 

IB-approved  on-line workshops allow participants to train in the flexible environment of an on-line community.   On-line training is primarily for teachers in candidate or authorised IB schools. The on-line workshops page features:

The On-Line Curriculum Centre (OCC)
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The online curriculum centre (OCC) is a password-protected IB on-line community designed to support teachers of the three IB programmes. If you require a password please see your programme coordinator. These pages provide essential information such as:

  • IB publications for the three IB programmes (curriculum guides, coordinator notes, and teacher support materials)
  • news items and important information
  • discussion forums for IB teachers to communicate with other IB teachers
  • a real-time chat facility (in the discussion forums)
  • teacher-generated resources—share your own resources with other IB teachers
  • support for library services, special educational needs, academic honesty and use of calculators
  • online subject specialists to answer curriculum and assessment queries

The IB Teacher Awards back to top 

Over 300 students are currently undertaking or have recently completed IB recognized university courses of study linked to the IB teacher award initiative. This initiative is aimed at developing teachers’ understanding of the principles and practices associated with each of the three IB programmes. The courses that lead to eligibility for either the Level 1 or Level 2 award are currently offered by six universities, with more to come.

IB Regional Conferences back to top 

IB regional conferences are held annually. These conferences bring together the best in the education sector to discuss and debate the latest in pedagogical trends. The target audience is primarily school administrators such as school heads, section principals and programme coordinators.

Interested in training to become an IB workshop leader or an IB school visiting team member?
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  • Twice a year the regional office reviews the roster of trained volunteers and identifies areas of need. School programme coordinators are contacted in October/November and March/April to call for applicants.
  • The regional office reviews each applicant’s experience, area of specialisation and location in the region against regional needs.
  • Teachers interested in applying for these roles should contact their school programme coordinators.

Interested in hosting IB workshops?
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The regional office welcomes expressions of interest from schools who want to host IB workshops.  For more information, please email



workshop calendar

2015 workshop planning calendar an IB Google Doc... 
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Choosing the right workshop

What is a Category 1, 2, 3 workshop? click here [more+]

Primary Years Programme workshop descriptions

Middle Years Programme workshop descriptions

Diploma Programme
workshop descriptions

Continuum Workshops 
Continuum (DP/MYP/PYP)


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