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PYP Early Years Workshops Events 2014



Singapore : 16 - 18 May button more

Sydney, Australia : 9 - 11 July button more

Beijing, China : 6 - 8 November button more


Teaching in the early years is something of a passion. The IB through the PYP has understood the need to bring Early Learning teachers together to discuss, debate and excite each other with the potential for these early learners! All the workshops will focus on Early Learning only. Due to the overwhelming interest and passion of early years educators for PYP early years training in the Asia Pacific region, the IBAP is hosting several events in 2014 that brings early learning teachers together for interesting discussions and training.

We look forward to you joining in these workshops and participating in this special Early Years event.


Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom, Cat 1

Pedagogical Leadership in the Early Years English, Cat 2

Assessment in the Early Years English, Cat 2
3-5 Year Olds English, Cat 3
Play-based Learning English, Cat 3

The following are only available in Beijing's workshop :

Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom, Cat 1

Symbolic Learning : Literacy and Numeracy in the Early Years, Cat 3

The following will be conducted in Chinese :

Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom, Cat 1

Play-based Learning, Cat 3


Plenery speakers for this year's Early Years Event

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Choosing the right workshop

To help you select the workshop that is right for your needs, descriptions of the various workshops are available here.


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