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The Regional Council plays an important and strategic role as an advisory group for the regional director. It provides information and assistance related to IB issues in various parts of the region.

The Regional Council includes up to 13 members, comprising heads of IB World Schools and external experts who are not Heads of Schools:

  • Six heads of IB World Schools

               - Two from nominations from the Heads Council
               - Four from nominations from heads in the region

  • Seven other members bringing a wide range of skills and experience based on the strategic needs of the region

The current members are listed below:

Who we are...

James Macdonald

James Macdonald
Head of School, NIST International School

Anuradha Monga

Anuradha Monga

Head of School

Bangalore International School

(Heads Council member)

Luke Thomson
Luke Thomson
Pembroke School
Mona Seervai Mona Seervai
Principal, Bombay International School
Dr Malcolm Pritchard

Dr Malcolm Pritchard
Head of School, The ISF Academy

richard tangye
Richard Tangye OBE
CEO, STS Educational Group, Dhaka
Dr Ing Masood Faizullah Khan

Dr Ing Masood Faizullah Khan
CEO, Dimal Asia Pacific & President, Horn Glass Asia Pacific

ikuko tsuboya newell

Ikuko Tsuboya Newell

Co-Founder, Tokyo International School


Ian Chambers Ian Chambers
Director, IB Asia Pacific
(Ex – officio)
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ACG International School - Jakarta

ACG International School - Jakarta
IB World School since 2010.
Offers the IB Primary Years Programme.

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