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Regional Recognition

Recognition of IB programmes by universities and governments International

IB Diploma Programme graduates are welcome at a wide range of universities within the region. The IB maintains information about university recognition that is displayed on the Country information pages of this website and in a searchable University recognition directory.

How is the IB diploma recognized by universities?

Many colleges and universities have developed admissions policies which formally recognize the achievements of Diploma Programme students. The individual policies vary greatly but they all make it apparent that these universities understand and appreciate the Diploma Programme student and the rigour of the Diploma Programme itself. This recognition comes in many forms but the most common are :

  - Recruitment : actively recruiting Diploma Programme students
  - Admission : ensuring that the IB diploma is fully recognized in the admissions process; addressing Diploma Programme students specifically in documentation and publications
  - Placement : acknowledging the rigour of IB courses and establishing prerequisites for IB courses that are fair and equitable in comparison with those for state, provincial and/or other examination courses; understanding and acknowledging the English language proficiency of international Diploma Programme students
  - Credit : providing detailed information on the courses for which credit is possible based on Diploma Programme examination scores; specifically understanding and recognizing theory of knowledge (TOK), the extended essay and the content of standard level (SL) courses as well as the content of higher level (HL) courses
  - Scholarships : providing scholarships or scholarship opportunities specifically for IB Diploma students

Recognition resources and document library

passion_for_learningThe IB has developed a series of brochures and leaflets to enable universities to develop their IB admissions policy. more




Please visit the IB Programme Impact Research[+] page for summaries and full reports of studies on the impact of IB programmes.

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Recognition of the MYP in Germany

The Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs has granted recognition of the MYP as equivalent to the German Lower Secondary School Leaving Certificate >more [pdf 50 kb]