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"Help" with IB assessment tasks

Coordinators are reminded that a student's work submitted for assessment, including work for internal assessment, must be the authentic work of that student. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in no grade being awarded for the subject concerned.

In addition to informing students about the need to acknowledge the ideas or work of another person, it is recommended that coordinators warn students against using the growing number of individuals and organizations that claim to offer "help" with IB assessment tasks. None of these is endorsed by the IB; some are virtually indistinguishable from "cheat sites" on the Internet that offer bespoke assignments, usually for a fee, for students' use.

Some sources of support may be acting in good faith, but nevertheless are offering a level of support and guidance that is not permitted by the IB. As an example, any that offers assistance on current theory of knowledge prescribed titles must be avoided, or approached only with great caution. A key aspect of the theory of knowledge essay is that it is devised by the student: assessment criterion B ("Knower's perspective") looks for evidence of independent thinking, shown in the way the essay has been shaped and in the use of varied examples. Therefore, any advice of a prescriptive nature is likely to disadvantage the student who uses it.

The level and kind of guidance permitted by the IB for any subject is outlined in the appropriate IB guide. If a coordinator is in any doubt as to what is permitted, please contact the coordinator help desk for advice (