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Athens 2006 final programme

Below are some of the presentations given in Athens:

Storytellers at the crossroads: The challenge of narrative intelligence to identity, community and education - Apostolos Doxiadis

Sharing the Vision: Current developments within the IB - Jeffrey Beard

Scholastic communities and democracy: the role of ethics in international education - Monique Seefried

Issues in Diploma Programme assessment -group 4 and more - George Pook

Current developments in e-technologies - Wendy Xerri

The IB's plan for fundraising: The challenge for 2014 -Andrea Lucard


Linking Professional Development and Research in the IB - Jonathon Marsh

Change and Challenge - Sema Kan Ozkaya, Tuna Mengu, Selcen Secil

Constructivism, Values and the IB Curriculum and PowerPoint- Roger Marshman


Use of online learning to increase Diploma Programme Access - Paul Fairbrother and Ruth Adams

Team teaching ToK - Pratibha Rao

Creating an IB DP Ethos in an IB World School - Yvonne Berliner

What does it mean to be internationally-minded in a non-international school? - Paul Ellis

Implementing the DP at a new school - Svante Ingler

Can information technology contribute to the academi and administrative efficacy of an IB coordinator - Vangelis Symeonidis


El PAI en la comunidad escolar - Luis Carlos Jimenez Gamez

Intergrated language learning within the MYP - David Nugent


Documenting learning in the PYP and diagram- Simon Davidson

No parent left behind: The importance of student led conferences in the mother tongue - Janice Humpleby

Emotional Intelligence and the PYP -Jamie Schmitz

Community Connections in a Programme of Inquiry - Jane Taylor

Integration of IT into the curriculum - Ji Han