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What is the IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC)?

students The IBCC incorporates the educational principles of the IB into a unique programme specifically developed for students who wish to engage in career-related learning.

The IBCC framework allows students to specialize in, and focus on, a career-related pathway. The programme’s three-part framework comprises the study of at least two Diploma Programme courses alongside career-related studies and the distinctive IBCC core.

The IBCC enables students to prepare for effective participation in an ever-changing world of work as they:

      • consider new perspectives and other points of view
      • engage in learning that makes a positive difference
      • develop a combination of traditional academic skills and practical skills
      • think critically and creatively in rapidly-changing and global workplaces
      • communicate clearly and effectively
      • work independently and in collaboration with others
      • become self confident people who are resilient and flexible.

Apply to offer the IBCC!

All IB World Schools offering the Diploma Programme are eligible to apply to become authorized to offer the IBCC. In order for a school to be authorized to offer the IBCC, it must be authorized by the IB to implement it.

Full information on how to apply to offer the IBCC is available here .
Application for candidacy is only available to be completed online - contact  the IB Africa,Europe and Middle East office to receive access to the site:

Let us know of your interest in the IBCC by submitting an Expression of interest form.

IBCC finalist for 2014 WISE Awards

The IBCC has been nominated as a finalist finalist for the prestigious 2014 WISE Awards
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Recognition by HEI and Governments

The IB regional office is actively supporting IBCC recognition
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The IBCC, which is gaining fans both in the UK and globally, is far from a traditional vocational curriculum

Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, RSA (October 2012)

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IBCC brochure
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IBCC Funding & Accreditation in the UK
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The IBCC is a wonderful opportunity to be more inclusive”

David Barrs, Head Teacher, The Anglo-European School, UK