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Dear IB Educators,

IB Academies are usually held several times each year to prepare IB educators for the roles of Workshop Leader, Site Visitor and Consultant. If you are an experienced IB teacher, and are interested in applying for an Academy, read on!

The IB Educator Network wants to give you advance notice of three upcoming IB Academies .

The first will be held in Quito, Ecuador from 24 to 28 September, 2012. The language of instruction at this Academy will be Spanish, and will run for the Diploma Programme (DP). Preference will be given to educators who demonstrate knowledge of the Latin American educational context .

The second Academy will be held in Detroit, Michigan from 11 to 14 October 2012. The language of instruction at this Academy will be English, and will run for the Middle Years Programme MYP and Diploma Programme only; PYP training will not be offered at this Academy .

While we invite all applications from qualified practitioners, during our selection process priority will be given to:

  • practitioners who have a track record of ongoing professional development in DP or MYP;
  • DP teachers of Mathematics, Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, Group 1 and Group 2 subjects
  • MYP teachers in all subject areas as well as media specialists / librarians

The third Academy will be held in Miami, Florida from 26 to 29 October 2012. The language of instruction at this Academy will be English, and will run for PYP and MYP. Preference will be given in the MYP as indicated in the criterion above. For PYP, priority will be given to :

  • PYP teachers of Physical Education, the Arts, Early Years classes; and media specialists / librarians


We are planning to open the application site for all three Academies from July 2 to August 3 , 2012. Please note: there will be a separate link for the Ecuador event; however the Miami and Detroit events will share a link .

MYP applicants will be considered for both events and if selected will be assigned either Detroit or Miami depending on geographic proximity. Application documents that you’ll need include: a CV/Resume, a Unit Planner (PYP and MYP only), and a letter of reference from your Head of School and / or IB Coordinator .

You will also be asked to sign and upload terms and conditions that will be provided once the application site opens .


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