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The IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC)

ib student with hoop earings The IBCC incorporates the educational principles, vision and learner profile of the IB into a unique offering that specifically addresses the needs of students who wish to engage in career-related education. The IBCC encourages these students to benefit from elements of an IB education, through a selection of two or more Diploma Programme courses in addition to a unique IBCC core, comprised of an approaches to learning (ATL) course, a reflective project, language development and community and service.

The IBCC enables students to:

      • develop a broad range of career-related competencies and to deepen their understanding in general areas of knowledge
      • prepare for effective participation in an ever-changing world of work
      • foster the attributes of the learner profile allowing students to become true lifelong learners willing to consider new perspectives
      • engage in learning that makes a positive difference to future lives
      • become a self confident person ready for life in the 21st century

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      IBCC Schools in the Americas


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IBCC Collaborations in the Americas:

The IB recognizes the value of building relationships with high quality, career-related qualification providers.  To this end, the IB has signed Memorandas of Understanding with two major providers of career-related programmes in the Americas region. Each provider is collaborating with the IB to support schools who wish to offer the IBCC and to articulate the benefits of the combined offering to students regarding the range of education and ready-for-work pathways available to them.

Apply to offer the IBCC!

All IB World Schools offering the Diploma Programme are eligible to apply to become authorized to offer the IBCC. In order for a school to be authorized to offer the IBCC, it must be authorized by the IB to implement it.

Let us know of your interest in the IBCC by submitting an Expression of interest form

To learn more about the school application process and fees, please download the following document. It contains information specific to schools in the Americas region:

For schools with an academic year commencing August/September:

IBCC application timeline and fees guide

For schools with an academic year commencing February/March:

IBCC application timeline and fees guide


The IBCC flyer
Click here to download it:

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IB educator network (IBEN)


If you would like more information about the IB educator network in the Americas, please contact us at l or by phone at +1 301 202 3025.

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Please visit the IBCC page for more information. 

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