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The Primary Years Programme at Colegio Alberto Einstein

By Priscila Alvarado, Principal at Colegio Alberto Einstein in Quito, Ecuador

“For me the Primary Years Programme is an incredible way to learn. It has helped me develop my thinking and learn new things, especially because you can inquire about a single topic through different perspectives. Besides, it allows you to work both individually and in groups. This is really cool because you can share great experiences with your classmates.”

-- David Heller 5th grade

Becoming an international school where international-mindedness is not only present but also cherished is quite a challenge for any school. For us at Colegio Alberto Einstein, it has been an important goal since we decided to become an IB World School. Receiving authorization as an IB World School offering the PYP in May 2009 has opened many doors for us; doors to knowledge, to improvement, to a better education, but most of all, to a community of learners.

For students, the PYP, through its units of inquiry, has been the connection between real life and school. It represents the opportunity to understand the world around them and see how things are interconnected. The units have proposed new challenges for them, have promoted critical thinking, and fostered the use of knowledge in real-life settings.

For teachers it implies a new way to look at education and kids, an opportunity to see each one of their students with their own strengths and weaknesses, but most of all to see them as unique human beings waiting to be moved to their highest potential. Lauren Eason, our 4th grade teacher says: “The PYP not only develops knowledge at a global level, it also develops an individual as a person.”

The PYP has introduced a lot of challenges for us, but we are confident that as a community of learners we will be able to accomplish new goals and contribute to our country’s education. We believe the cornerstones for success are well informed, open-minded, caring, and reflective students that can make a difference in the world. We are convinced we can promote this kind of human being through the implementation of the PYP in our school.