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IB Diploma Programme: The gift of smiles

By Selenne Yunnuen Piñon Esquivel, Coordinator, IB Diploma Programme, Instituto Jefferson de Morelia, Morelia, Mexico

In Mexico, El Día Del Niño is the day in which we celebrate all children, regardless of their social or physical circumstances. Children are considered Mexico’s future, and for this reason it is very important that we provide them with an education based on the development of their whole being.

In addition to developing future professionals with a high level of education, the International Baccalaureate at Instituto Jefferson seeks to develop the students’ social and humanitarian awareness in the communities where they live.

With this in mind, our school organized La Feria de los Sueños (Dream Fair). Various organizations were invited to bring their children to the event to enjoy a day dedicated exclusively to them.

The students in our school community raised the funds necessary for the fair to take place. Students dressed as characters from animated films welcomed visitors from each of the organizations to the fair. The children were encouraged to play and enjoy outdoor activities that had been planned for them, including a raffle, moonbounce, horseback rides, fishing, and soccer.

The children who we work with in our creativity, action, service (CAS) activities (children with cancer, children living in extreme poverty, and children with disabilities) were present thanks to organizations such as Ayuda Inmediata, Banco de Alimentos, Programa Lazos, and Apac.

The event concluded with the projection of the animated film Madagascar, sponsored by the Cinépolis group, who also gave away hats and t-shirts to everyone in attendance.

Once again, the Jefferson family was pleased to have achieved its goal: giving the gift of smiles to those who need it most.