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Professional Development Highlights


Global quality assurance framework

The IB is nearing completion of a new version of the quality assurance framework based on the goals and objectives of our new global professional development architecture. The goal of the framework is to ensure that teachers, coordinators and administrators attending IB workshops in any country around the world enjoy the same high quality experience.

Evaluation instruments will be piloted before the end of 2009 and the new framework will be implemented and published in 2010. This new framework will include the use of multiple methods for gathering data and checking processes, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, and evaluators to increase the validity and reliability of evaluation. Analysis of this data will allow us to continue to enhance and improve our professional development offerings as well as deliver timely and enhanced feedback to our workshop leaders. Further communications regarding the new framework will be sent in the coming months.

Category 3 workshops for all programmes

The region has experienced tremendous growth over the past year in our category 3 workshops. Category 3 workshops provide a unique opportunity for in-depth, content-based professional development. For a complete listing of our January through June 2010 workshops, please visit our events webpage.

We encourage workshop leaders in each of the programmes to submit proposals for additional category 3 workshops. The proposal form can be found on the workshop webpage. Please submit the form to in IB New York or in IB Buenos Aires.

Online workshops for program authorization and/or evaluation

For the Diploma Programme, the following online courses are recognized for authorization:

Group 1
English A1

Group 2
Classical languages

Group 3
Social anthropology, business and management, economics, history, geography, ITGS, philosophy, psychology

Group 4
Biology, chemistry, physics, design technology

Group 5
Computer science - will be recognized in 2010

Group 6
Music, theatre, film, visual arts

Theory of knowledge and creativity, action, service

For the MYP, the following online courses are recognized for authorization:

Introduction to teaching in arts, humanities, language A, language B, maths, physical education, sciences and technology

For the PYP, the following online courses are recognized for the evaluation process:

Induction workshop for new teachers to an existing program

Assessment in the PYP

Update on the IB's online registration system for workshops

The IB launched an online registration system this September for all interested, candidate and IB World Schools in the Americas. Online registration is available through the IB Information System (IBIS) and the IB website.

The system was created to simplify the registration process for IB workshops as part of our continuing efforts to improve our professional development experience for educators.

We are pleased to announce that beginning in early 2010; the online registration system will also accommodate online credit card payments. Further information on using credit cards will follow from the professional development team.

If you have any questions about our online registration system or online credit card payments, please contact us at +1 212 696 4464, extension 1 for English and French language support or +54 11 4766 3900, extension 122 for Spanish language support. You may also reach us via email at

Continued collaboration with the prestigious American Museum of Natural History

Begun in 2007, we are continuing to offer IB teachers the museum’s award-winning Seminars on Science program, which currently features ten online courses ranging from evolution to ocean dynamics to quantum physics. Each course is six weeks long and is designed specifically for educators. The courses, taught by a museum scientist and a veteran classroom instructor, tap into AMNH’s immense resources and the expertise of leading scientists. Teachers earn up to four graduate credits and/or IB professional development credit. The final assessment activity required of each course will focus on an IB classroom application.

For more details, please visit the workshops and conferences webpage or contact Irene Pingol at the IB New York office via email at

English A workshops in Mexico for Diploma and MYP


New category 1 and 2, English A1 workshops will be held in Monterrey, Mexico, from 12-13 January 2010.

New category 1 and 2, English A workshops will be held in Mexico City, Mexico, from 21-22 January 2010.

For more information and to register, please visit our workshops webpage.

New continuum workshops

Special education needs in the MYP and Diploma workshop will be held in Montreal, Québec, from 12-15 March 2010.

Cómo desarrollar una política de Lenguas workshop will be offered in Mexico DF, from 21-22 January 2010.