IB Heads World Conference 2018

The IB Heads World Conference will take place on 25-27 March in Singapore, running concurrently with the IB Global Conference. The conference brings together exceptional school leaders from around the world to connect, learn and share best practice.

We are proud to have a truly global network of outstanding schools, and behind every great school is a great leader. This year, to mark our 50th anniversary, we are inviting potential breakout session leaders to submit their application including a short video.

We know that dynamic delivery is happening in your schools every day and we’d like to bring this energy into the conference to provide an engaging learning experience for delegates.

For this year’s conference, we are looking for breakout session leaders and presenters for our Educators of the future event, a series of TED-style talks held at the conference.

Call for breakout session proposals

We want to hear from you – submit your session proposal by following the link below. Tell us about you, what you’d like to deliver and how you’ll do it. Time slots for sessions are restricted to one hour and please do consider the format, tools or materials you may require to present.

Please include a short video, a maximum of one minute, filmed on a smartphone. The video should cover information about you and your role, a description of your session and the format, and why it is useful for heads of schools. 


Nominate an educator who is shaping the future

To celebrate our upcoming 50th Anniversary, we want to celebrate truly exceptional educators who are inspiring voices within their school communities. You can nominate an educator by following the link below. 

Please include a short video, a maximum of one minute, filmed on a smartphone. The video should include information about the educator you are nominating and how he or she is shaping the future.

Tips on video submissions
  • Choose a quiet place
  • Position your smartphone in landscape, rather than portrait
  • Practice a couple of times and watch it back
  • Relax and be yourself