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Maureen Vinge

"In Maureen Vinge, the International Baccalaureate® (IB) had a priceless resource. A true advocate for the organization, a voice of reason, a leader who lived the mission and profiles and a woman with the courage and integrity to speak out."

Darrell BennettDarrell Bennett (20 mb, mov)

Mr Darrell Bennett, IB graduate and student of Harvard Law School, speaks at the 40th anniversary celebrations held at Atlanta in 2008.

Monica FlodmanMonica Flodman

"One of the lasting joys of my association with the International Baccalaureate is the good fortune to have made so many friends around the world. Monica was one of the first."

Peter and Susie Stoyle Susie and Peter Stoyle (92 kb, PDF)

"... IB took the plunge and started up the IB Latin America regional office in 1982, which for the first 12 years operated from our home on the beautiful campus of St George's College, Buenos Aires."

GĂ©rard RenaudGérard Renaud (14 kb, PDF)

"In those days the IB examination timetable was worked out by writing down on little pieces of differently coloured cardboard the subject examination for which students were registered."

David WilkinsonDavid Wilkinson (13 kb, PDF)

"... just one photocopier provided the papers with the staff working flat out through weekends to prepare and dispatch the papers on time. The contrast with the present large-scale high-tech production could not be greater."