Session highlights - 30 March 2017

We are proud to host over 80 breakout sessions at the IB Global Conference Yokohama, as well as our renowned keynote speakers. Led by educators from schools and various education institutions, these sessions cover a range of education topics related to the conference theme ‘Inspiring Communities’.

Here is a selection of sessions taking place today. For the full line-up and timings, please refer to the conference app and the schedule page.

Keynote: The Impact of AI on Education

Dr. Noriko Arai, Professor of Information and Society Research, National Institute of Informatics

09:30-10:15, Main Hall

Todai Robot Project (Can a robot get into the University of Tokyo?)” was initiated by National Institute of Informatics in 2011 as an AI grand challenge. The goal of the project is to create an AI system that answers real questions of university entrance examinations. Dr. Arai says the rapid rise of new AI technologies may affect the labor market negatively in the short term, and it will demand us to reconstruct our education systems.

Making the connection: using Big History to design MYP interdisciplinary units

Emanuele Pesoli, IB and Koel Ray, Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad

Breakout session 3 - 11:15-12:15, Room 414-415

Hosted by IB staff and a representative from the Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad, this session looks at how the IB is working with the Big History Project to deliver a ‘social studies course that runs on jet fuel’. 

Japanese university information sessions

Temple University Japan Campus, Ritsumeikan University and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, 11:15-12:15, Room 315

University of Tsukuba and Tsuru University, 13:45-14:45, Room 213

Tohoku University, Tokyo International University and Chukyo University, 13:15-13:45, Room 303

Keio University, Okayama University and Okayama University of Science, 15:00-16:00, Room 315

During the conference there will be eight interactive sessions bringing together a range of higher education institutions from Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Republic of Korea. In this session, universities will highlight their educational programmes, admissions considerations and how they value IB students. Time will be allocated for delegates to ask questions of and to provide feedback to each of the university representatives.

Planning for professional learning

Sue Richards and Kevin House, IB

Breakout session 4 - 13:45 - 14:45, Room 416-417

Ongoing professional learning has been identified as one of the key contributors to quality schools. In this session, we will explore a range of models of professional development that promote lifelong learning and build a community of IB educators. Participants will collaborate to design a professional development plan for their school from the range of opportunities available.

The Future State of Assessment Solutions for Schools: a focus on systems as enablers

Paula Wilcock, IB Chief Assessment Officer

Breakout session 5 - 15:00 - 16:00, Room 304

This interactive session will explore the conceptual vision of assessment solutions that will produce an unrivalled assessment experience for schools and students. We aim to identify and develop intuitive and innovative solutions with the IB community that will deliver a distinctive and authentic assessment experience for all our users.

Fad vs. Fact: Research Literacy for Educators

Lori Mack and John Young, IB

Breakout session 6 - 16:45 - 17:45, Room 304

Your work as an IB educator involves critical thinking about topics like pedagogy and assessment. But what about educational research? In this session, we will explore tools to improve critical thinking and learn about the innovations that will work for your own students.