Keynote speakers

We are pleased to announce our keynote speakers, which we anticipate will inspire and unite our IB community, in relation to our conference theme of 'Inspiring communities'.

Dr. Alma Harris 

Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy at the Department of Education, University of Bath

Speaking on 29 March 2017

Dr. Alma Harris (FRSA) is Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy at the Department of Education, University of Bath. Previously, she held professorial posts at the University of Warwick, University College London and the University of Malaya. She is internationally known for her research and writing on educational leadership and school improvement. In 2009–2012, she was appointed to the Welsh Government as a senior policy adviser to assist with the process of system-wide reform. Since 2009, she has worked for the World Bank contributing to development and research programmes aimed at supporting schools in challenging contexts in Russia. Dr. Harris is a Visiting Professor at the Moscow Higher School of Economics and a Visiting Professor at the University of Southampton. Dr. Harris is Past President of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and School Improvement (ICSEI), an organisation dedicated to enhancing quality and equity in education. In January 2016, she received the ICSEI lifetime award.

Dr. Noriko Arai

Professor of Information and Society Research, National Institute of Informatics

Speaking on 30 March 2017

In addition to her current position with the National Institute of Informatics, Dr. Noriko Arai is also Director of the Research Center for Community Knowledge, a position she has held since 2008. Dr. Arai received her Ph.D with distinction in the theory of proof complexity from the Tokyo Institute of Informatics in 1997. Her primary research interests focuses on the fields of mathematical logic, e-learning and artificial intelligence. Dr. Arai is known as the leader of the open source software project for NetCommons, which is used by more than 3,500 schools and institutes. She has won many distinguished technology awards including Commendation for Science and Technology from The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan (2010).

Dr. Yong Zhao

Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Education, The University of Kansas

 Speaking on 31 March 2017

Acclaimed scholar Yong Zhao is an influential thought leader in education reforms, technology shifts, globalization and more. His expertise lies in driving concepts in educational excellence around the world. Dr. Zhao’s work also includes creativity and entrepreneurship education, education in China, and Chinese-language learning. Aside from his current position at The University of Kansas, Dr. Zhao is also a professorial fellow at the Mitchell Institute for Health and Education Policy at the Victoria University in Australia. His work focuses on the implications of globalization and technology on education. He has published over 100 articles and 30 books, and is an elected fellow of the International Academy for Education.