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This exam is not typical of IB exams! We very rarely use multiple-choice questions as we prefer to test critical thinking. However, we hope you will enjoy trying this exam, and maybe discover a few new things about the IB in the process. Good luck!

Subject: The International Baccalaureate, standard level

Time: Unlimited

Type: Multiple-choice, open book

Question   a   b   c
1.  IB programmes are available for students aged from ____ to 19 years of age. 3 11 16

2.  Most IB students attend... International schools Private schools State schools

3.  The International Baccalaureate is a... Private company Independent, not-for-profit foundation Government agency

4.  The first IB exams were taken in... 1970 1985 1995

5.  There have been over ____ Diploma Programme students since the IB started. 100,000 300,000 500,000

6.  The IB curriculum is mainly developed by... Teachers Students Politicians

7.  The IB strategic plan is concerned with planned growth and three major themes of... Standards, reaching more countries and breadth Internat- ionalism, elitism and reliability Quality, access and infrastructure

8.  Schools that wish to become IB World Schools must be... independent international schools willing to share the IB mission at least 100km away from any other IB World School

9.  The IB mission statement focuses on... Students Schools Teachers

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