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The main site search can understand a variety of additional commands which may help you to find what you are looking for.

Keyword phrases

You can surround search phrases with quotation marks to limit your search only to a specific phrase rather than all keywords.

For example

"Diploma programme"


Diploma programme

Excluded terms

You can use - to exclude keywords. This is useful if you're getting recurring results (e.g from our school section)

For example

Diploma Programme -schools

Field commands

Field commands can limit your search to particular content fields. You should not leave any spaces between the field command and the keyword.

For example:



title: school

Available commands:

  • title: in the title (no spaces, e.g. title:school)
  • url: in the URL
  • site: in the site name
  • link: in a link
  • imagelink: in an image link
  • alt: in image alt text
  • description: in the description
  • keywords: in the keywords
  • anchor: in remote anchor text

Happy searching...if you come across any more, get in touch

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