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Payment rates

Examiner payment rates are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that they are representative of the complexity and length of the material being assessed and highly competitive in the eductaion sector.

Examiner payments are calculated based on the number of scripts assessed, an example of which is shown below:

Rate per script:  $8.00

Allocation size:  200 scripts

Examiner payment:  $1600

Allocation sizes

Linked to examiner payments, allocation sizes are calculated based upon the complexity and length of the material being assessed.  The more complex or longer the script the smaller resulting allocation.  However, when registering for an examination session examiners can make themselves available for addition material.

Marking periods

The IB Diploma Programme has two examination sessions per year; the May examination session and the November examination session.

The May examination examination session runs from March - June and the November session runs from September to december.  The table below shows when different components are assessed.


Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essays

Internal Assessment Examination scripts
May session March - April April - May May - June
November session September - October October - November November - December


Examiners are only permitted to assess a maximum of two components during an examination session, unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Due to the overlap of assessment periods examiners can assess one script component and either internal assessment, extended essays or theory of knowledge.

School connections

In order to ensure the validity of assessment all examiners must be fully independent of the work they assess.  As such all applicants/examiners must provide the IB with information relating to any personal and/or professional connections they have or have had with an IB World School in the last three years. Connections can include, but are not limited to:

  • A relative or personal friend works at, or attends the school.
  • You provide any form of support for the school or a team/group associated with the school.
  • You work or have worked at the school.
  • You have lectured at the school, either to students, staff or any other associated group.
  • You have acted as a consultant for the school.
  • You are a member of the school board or a parent-teacher association affiliated with the school.
  • You have undertaken any other paid or unpaid work for school.
  • You have trained employees who work at the school.
  • In your current role you are in competition either academically or financially with the school or any person associated with the school.


Examiner appointments

Examiners are appointed on an annual basis.  Once appointed, provided that performance is satisfactory, an examiner is automatically offered a renewal of contract.  When accepting the terms and conditions of contract examiners are also asked to register their availability for the forthcoming year.  As an examiner, should you wish to change subject/components or mark additional components please contact

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