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Level 1, 2 & 3 DP Workshop at St. Petersburg, FL (FLIBS)

Location: St. Petersburg, FL, United States
Date: 20 June 2009 — 23 June 2009
Registration Date: 9 February 2009 — 20 May 2009
Workshops: DP Level 1 & 2 Combined: Latin/Classical languages (CANCELLED), DP Level 1: Administration, Biology, Chemistry, English, Math SL, Math Studies, Psychology, Spanish B, TOK, DP Level 2: Administration, Biology, Chemistry, Counseling, English, Geography, IB Coordination, Math SL, Math Studies, Psychology, Spanish B, TOK, Visual Arts and DP Level 3: Review of Calculus for teachers of Math SL (CANCELLED).
Language: English.

Level 1: Application & authorization workshop is a three-day workshop that provides training and assistance for schools that have decided to apply for IB authorization.  For the Diploma Programme, Level 1 training assists participants in completing Appendix 3 (program course outlines) of the school application process.  Level 1 workshops are open only to teachers currently teaching in IB schools or in applicant schools.

Level 2: 'Experienced IB teachers' workshop is a three-day workshop for teachers who have completed Level 1 training and/or who teach in schools that have begun to implement an IB programme.  For schools offering the DP, the Level 2 workshop is for authorized schools and does not cover the application process.  Level 2 workshops are open only to teachers currently teaching in IB schools.

Combined Level 1 & 2: This workshop will address the needs of both new and experienced teachers.

Level 3: Topical Seminar is a three-day seminar covering a topic or several topics of interest.  The relevancy of teaching experience and/or knowledge of the IB will vary from seminar to seminar and programme to programme, depending on the topic on offer.

Review of Calculus for Math SL teachers (CANCELLED)

This Level 3 workshop is intended for those teachers who need a review of the calculus topics that are required in the Math SL course. Participants will review the calculus topics covered in the Math SL syllabus, concentrating on the topics of limits, derivatives and their application to solving optimization problems, behavior of functions and integration. Participants will find the definite integrals and show their application in the finding the area under and between two curves, volumes of revolution, and solutions to kinematic problems. Participants will also have the opportunity to tie the material all together and have concerns addressed. Throughout the session, emphasis will be placed on ways these topics can be presented to students in the classroom.

For registration information, please visit (Florida League of IB Schools) or email Bill Fussell at