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Level 1, 2 & 3 PYP, Level 1 & 2 MYP and Level 1 & 2 DP Workshop in Montréal, Québec (SÉBIQ)

Location: Montreal, Canada
Date: 7 November 2008 — 10 November 2008
Registration Date: 12 February 2008 — 7 October 2008
Workshops: Level 1 DP: Chemistry, French A1/A2, French B, and Psychology, Level 1 MYP: Drama, English A, French B and Heads of School/IB Coordinators, Level 1 PYP: Introduction to the PYP, Level 2 DP: Chemistry, French A1/A2, French B, and Psychology, Level 2 MYP: Drama, English A, French B and Heads of School/IB Coordinators, Level 2 PYP: Inquiry in the PYP and Level 3 PYP: Science and Social Studies in the PYP.
Language: English.


Level 1:  Application & Authorization Workshop is a three-day workshop that provides training and assistance for schools that have decided to apply for IB authorization.  For both PYP & MYP, Level 1 training covers Part B of the application process.


Level 2:  Experienced IB teachers workshop is a three-day workshop for teachers who have completed Level 1 training and/or who teach in schools that have begun to implement an IB programme.   For MYP and PYP schools, the Level 2 workshop is for authorized schools as well as for candidate schools who have completed Part B of the application.


Level 3: This is an experienced IB teachers workshop for practitioners who have completed Level 1 professional development and who have taught in a candidate or authorized school for at least one year.

Inquiry in the PYP

In this workshop, participants will develop understanding in:

  • how the PYP framework provides opportunities for all teachers and learners to engage in relevant and significant inquiry across the disciplines
  • how inquiry as a pedagogy supports a range of learning needs and styles as well as levels of language competency
  • how inquiry directly supports the personal construction of meaning and active responsible learning
  • how inquiry is an ongoing process which leads to reflection, to new inquiries and to deeper understanding
  • inquiry learning and the essential elements
  • inquiry models and the tools of inquiry


Science and Social Studies in the PYP (The Role of Science and Social Studies in the PYP)

In this workshop participants will examine:

  • Science and social studies are unique ways of thinking about the world.
  • An inquiry-based curriculum lends itself to addressing the disciplines of science and social studies in a meaningful ways.
  • The written curriculum is a transdisciplinary/concept driven curriculum
    • The PYP curriculum is concept-driven and transdisciplinary in nature. In both science and social studies we are striving for conceptual understanding, which transcends discrete content knowledge and skills.
    • Scope and Sequence documents
  • The subject scope and sequences are also components of the curriculum, and when used with the Programme of Inquiry define a coherent curriculum
  • The taught curriculum:
    • The Programme of Inquiry
  • The planning for and teaching of science and social studies takes place within the programme of inquiry
    • The Unit of Inquiry
  • Units of inquiry illuminate the transdisciplinary themes under which they are placed, through the concepts, knowledge and skills of science and social studies
  • The learned curriculum
    • Assessment
    • Reporting on learning in science/social studies


For more information and to register for this workshop, please visit the SEBIQ (Société des établissements du baccalauréat international du Québec)  website and click on Professional Development on the side bar on the left.


Phone: (450) 679-6618
Fax: (450) 679-9682