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Category 1 and 2: Diploma Programme Group 5 ( new curriculum ) online workshops

Location: Online
Date: 31 October 2012 — 12 December 2012
Registration Date: 1 June 2012 — 17 October 2012
Workshops: Computer science, Computer science, Mathematical studies, Mathematical studies, Mathematics higher level, Mathematics higher level, Mathematics standard level and Mathematics standard level.
Language: English.

IB online professional development is pleased to offer the following workshops for the new curriculum models in IB Diploma Group 5. Please note that these workshops are only offered in their standard 6 week format in October :


Category 1: Computer science

Category 1: Mathematical studies

Category 1: Mathematics higher level

Category 1: Mathematics standard level

Category 2: Computer science

Category 2: Mathematical studies

Category 2: Mathematics higher level

Category 2: Mathematics standard level

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