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PYP Coordinator

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Santiago College

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23 mayo 2012

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PYP Coordinator Job Description
Title: Primary Years Program Coordinator (PYP)
Reports to: Infant and Lower School Principals
Objectives of Job:
The coordinator of the PYP program is responsible for the development, coordination, implementation and evaluation of the Primary Years Program (PYP) under the supervision of the Principals of the Infant and Lower Schools.
Principal Responsibilities:
1. Help the Principals of the Infant and Lower Schools in the communication and implementation of the philosophy of the program within the school community.
2. Help the Principals of the Infant and Lower Schools in verifying that the philosophy of the Primary Years Program is fully integrated in the daily lessons that the teachers provide.
3. Schedule weekly meetings with the teachers of all the levels and subjects in order to coordinate, implement, and evaluate the Primary Years Program together with the planning of the units of inquiry and specifics for each level.
4. Work with the teachers in the acquisition and use of educational materials.
5. Promote an appropriate environment, which is achieved through the effective development of staff.
6. Collaborate with the Principals of the Infant and Lower Schools to indentify and provide courses that are taught for professional development.
7. Coordinate the evaluation of student work in order to verify that differentiation and moderation have been integrated.
8. Attend and participate in curriculum development meetings such as “Academic Committee”.
9. Maintain contact with the International Baccalaureate offices so that teachers are informed about the materials that are most relevant to their curricular needs.
10. Work with the other curriculum coordinators to integrate and articulate the PYP program with the other programs that exist: Middle Years Program MYP and International Baccalaureate Diploma DIP.
11. Help the Principals of the Infant and Lower Schools with parent meetings in order to inform them about the PYP program.
12. Interact with the Chilean Ministry of Education when it is necessary.