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IB Americas Regional Council call for nominations

IB Americas to form regional council

As part of the 2020 vision project, the IB is forming a regional council to advise the IB Americas director.  The Americas regional council will be made up of representatives from the former IB Latin America regional council and will be joined by new nominees from the North America and Caribbean community. 

The regional councils: a new group to support our activities

Since the appointment of Jeffrey Beard as the IB Director General in 2006, the IB has been strategically planning to expand its organizational capacity to serve an estimated 2.5 million students and 10,000 IB programmes worldwide by the year 2020.  This growth in organizational capacity calls for further reflection on the quality and delivery of services the organization provides to our various stakeholders.

The regional council serves as an advisory body to the IB Americas. The role of the regional council is to ensure a clear line of communication exists between the organization and key stakeholders within the Americas.

Formed by professionals from IB World Schools, as well as the larger IB community, the regional councils play a prominent role in advising the regional offices on setting strategic priorities, maintaining high quality standards in our services and activities, and providing ideas and support to enhance the recognition of our programmes by universities and governments.

The Americas regional council will meet twice a year and all travel expenses will be covered by the IB. Because of the main issues that will be addressed during regional council meetings, we seek supporters with a background in the following areas:

  • Member of the North America and Caribbean IB community
  • Education research or policy
  • Universities
  • Fundraising
  • Language and cultural awareness

If you are willing to dedicate your time and to assist with the further growth and development of the IB Americas, please download and fill out the nomination form below and forward to Lauren Melton at lauren.melton@ibo.org.

Nomination form [Word, 85.5kb]

Nomination forms are due by 28 January 2009. New members will be notified of their nomination in the middle of February 2009. The first IB Americas regional council meeting will take place in March or April 2009 with the second meeting scheduled for October 2009.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.