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IB Global News

Subscribe to IB Global News to receive a monthly email that highlights the latest news, blog stories and information from the IB and the wider community. It includes topics like IB programme development, professional development opportunities, latest research, events, IB community stories and much more.

The IB Global News email was redesigned in May 2015 with a contemporary new look that takes you directly to the latest news on, and to blog posts from around the IB community. The email design is fully responsive on mobile devices, and contains a simple PDF version for those schools who want a printed version.

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Previous issues of IB Global News in former PDF format can be found below.


IB in Practice

IB coordinators, IBEN and examiners will also receive tailored content in the IB in Practice PDF newsletter, published five times a year, using their details pulled from the IB Information System (IBIS).  This newsletter focuses on IB teaching practice and provides current details on IB curriculum, assessment, programme news and IBEN. Coordinators and heads of schools are encouraged to share these newsletters with their teaching staff.


IB News Update

IB News Update, a PDF newsletter, is published three times per year exclusively to IB Heads of school, using their details pulled from the IB Information System (IBIS).