Become an IB examiner

As part of assessment processes, we work with examiners and senior examiners in a variety of different roles. We are always looking to recruit new, skilled examiners and senior examiners as the IB continues to grow.

IB Examiners

Examiners are appointed to mark externally-assessed work or to moderate internally-assessed components (reviewing teachers' original marking). Candidates' work is assessed against prescribed and well-defined criteria or mark schemes.

The role of examiner is highly valued and the IB places emphasis on the professional integrity of individuals in examining positions. Acting as an IB examiner provides an international educational experience, encompassing unique professional development opportunities and an insight into the assessment process.

We accept applications for all programmes, throughout the year.

Please note that we have suspended recruitment for the following subjects: 

Diploma Biology English
Diploma Chemistry English
Diploma Hindi B English
Diploma Math Studies English
Diploma Mathematics SL English
Diploma Mathematics HL English
Diploma Physics English
MYP Biology English
MYP Chemistry English
MYP Mathematics English
MYP Physics English

You do not need to have previously worked as an IB teacher, provided that you have experience teaching a subject at the appropriate level and to the specified age group.

Please read the examiner recruitment policy below before using the application form to apply for a position.

The IB reminds all applicants, prior to applying, to check and comply with any policy that their employer might have regarding extra work of this nature, and encourages all applicants to discuss their proposed application with their employer.

Working as an examiner for the IB can also help develop your role as a teacher, as IB examiners are able to apply for US teacher credits.