Programme:  DP
Language:  English
Level:  Cat 1



Workshop name Programme Language Level
Transdisciplinary Learning for Subject Specialists PYP English Cat 3
The learning environment and inquiry PYP English Cat 3
An introduction to the IB programme standards for administrators new to the PYP PYP English Cat 1
Encouraging children's creative instincts in the classroom PYP English Cat 3
The role of physical education PYP English Cat 3
Assessment PYP English Cat 2
The exhibition PYP English Cat 2
Concept-based learning PYP English Cat 3
Making the PYP happen in the classroom PYP English Cat 1
Service learning in the MYP MYP English Cat 3
The role of the coordinator MYP English Cat 3
Administrators DP English Cat 1
Service learning: Transforming academic into action DP English Cat 1
Biology DP English Cat 1
Coordination DP English Cat 1
Global politics (Cat 1/2 Mixed) DP English Cat 1
Global politics (Cat 1/2 Mixed) DP English Cat 2
Chemistry DP English Cat 2
Information technology in a global society (ITGS) DP English Cat 2
Biology DP English Cat 2
Business management DP English Cat 2
Extended essay in focus: A one-day intensive (13 Oct 2017) DP English Cat 3
Economics DP English Cat 1
Environmental systems and societies DP English Cat 2
Economics DP English Cat 2
Language A: Exploring literature in translation DP English Cat 3
Chemistry DP English Cat 1
History DP English Cat 2
Physics DP English Cat 1
Physics DP English Cat 2
Sports, exercise and health science DP English Cat 2
Investigating inquiry All English Cat 3
Creating inclusive classrooms All English Cat 3
The role of the librarian All English Cat 3