Programme:  DP
Language:  English
Level:  Cat 2


Workshop name Programme Language Level
Approaches to teaching and learning for DP/CP classroom teachers (DP/CP) All English Cat 3
Leading with a clear vision and strategy All English Cat 3
Environmental systems and societies DP English Cat 1+2
History DP English Cat 2
Psychology DP English Cat 2
Theory of knowledge DP English Cat 2
Subject specific seminar: Chinese B DP Chinese Cat 3
Subject specific seminar: French B DP French Cat 3
Global contexts for teaching and learning MYP English Cat 3
Heads of School/IB coordinators: Managing assessment in the MYP MYP English Cat 3
Individuals and societies: Managing assessment in the MYP MYP English Cat 3
Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP MYP English Cat 3
An introduction to the IB programme standards for administrators new to the PYP PYP English Cat 1
Inquiry PYP English Cat 3